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Master of science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Master of Science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Petroleum and natural gas engineering involves the application of earth sciences and physical sciences to the evaluation and exploitation of natural hydrocarbon resources. In the practical field, the development of reservoirs under increasingly adverse conditions poses new engineering problems. This requires skilled engineers capable of producing engineered solutions to current problems. It is clear that the future exploitation of oil reservoirs in Saudi Arabia, for a secondary and tertiary crop of oil, requires intensive research over a long period. This calls for a steady output of highly trained petroleum engineering graduates.

The graduate courses are planned to emphasize the type of subject matter that addresses the petroleum production problems in Saudi Arabia. Additional courses may be added as the program progress. These include future courses on drilling, natural gas storage and utilization, and well logging. The program maintains a balance between the basic state–of–the–art technology and the particular needs of Saudi Arabia.


Area of Specialization

  • Petroleum and Natural Gas Reservoir Engineering.
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas Production Engineering.
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas well Drilling Engineering.


Course Plan for M.Sc. in PGED and Course Descriptions



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