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Vision, Mission, PEOs, and SOs

Department Vision

To be internationally recognized as a premier academic Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering


Department Mission

1. Providing high quality educational programs, training and research activities.

2. Graduating students with required skills to compete at international level.

3. Attracting and developing high caliber faculty members.


Program Educational Objectives

1. Graduates will perform as highly skilled engineers in the local and international petroleum and natural gas industry.

2. Graduates will continue to learn, improve and evolve in their jobs.

3. Graduates may pursue higher education to participate in academia and evolve in research.


Students Learning Outcomes

a)Apply the knowledge of mathematics, geology, physics, chemistry as well as other engineering sciences.

b) Conduct experiments safely and accurately and to be able to correctly analyze results.

c) Design an engineering process or system to meet desired needs.

d) Work in a team environment.

e) Identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.

f) Understand professional and ethical responsibilities.

g) Communicate successfully and effectively.

h) Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental and societal contest.

i) Recognize of the need for, and an ability to engage in life‐long learning.

j) Knowledge of contemporary issues.

k) Understand the use of modern techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for petroleum and natural gas engineering practice.