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Bachelor of science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Both fundamental and applied courses are included in the curriculum, relating to the engineering areas of exploration, reservoir, drilling, production, transportation, economics, and natural gas. It is stressed on computer applications in petroleum engineering in order to better prepare the graduate engineer to work in the complex world of modern technology. In a developing country, more emphasis is needed on practical training, whether in the laboratory or in the field. The department has well-equipped laboratories in different disciplines.

Degree Requirements

The program is a one-track mode with a degree title: “Bachelor of Science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering”. This general track prepares graduates to work in various petroleum engineering fields such as exploration, drilling, reservoir and production. The B.Sc. program in the petroleum and natural gas engineering department is offered in a full-time enrolment mode only with a total required credit hours are 165 hours (133 hours main program + 32 hours Common First Year). The program consists of ten semesters (two semesters per academic year). The department offers also a Master of Science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (M.Sc.) degree.

After successfully passing the Common First Year (32 credits) and completing the graduation requirements for a B.Sc. in petroleum and natural gas engineering, the students are required to successfully pass a total of 133 credit hours.

The program is divided into:

  • 8 credit hours of university requirements
  • 48 credit hours of college requirements of which 42 credit hours are compulsory courses for all departments and 6 credits of complementary courses.
  • 77 credit hours of departmental requirements of which 61 hours are core courses, and 8 credit hours of chemical and mechanical engineering courses.

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