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Forms used to process some administrative procedures
  1. Compensation Application for University Correspondence Fees for Admission and Visa Fees Form
  2. Office hours form
  3. Course Text Book application form
  4. Result Modification Form
  5. Clearance Form (from the College)
  6. Emergency & Regular leave form
  7. After vacation joining form
  8. Invigilators application form
  9. Application for extension of faculty member services form
  10. Detecting a cheating case form
  11. Request from the College of Engineering warehouse form
  12. Extension of faculty members (and similars) services
  13. Sponsorship
  14. Form for assigning an alternative professor to teach a course
  15. A declaration of commencement of work in the Civil Engineering Department during the extension period
  16. Request for travel approval of employee during official holidays and missions form
  17. Clearance certificate for traveling during summer vacation
  18. Information statement to extend the service of a faculty member
  19. Task assignment form

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