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Doctoral of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering

Doctoral of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering


The department of Mechanical Engineering provides a program of graduate study and research leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). The Ph.D. program is designed to prepare each student to take an active part in the development and growth at all levels in industry and research organizations or in teaching and research in universities. The program offers students a balanced study plan that includes course work and graduate research in wide range of topics, including Design, Materials and Manufacturing, Dynamics, Vibration, and Control, Thermal Engineering, and Fluid Mechanics. A typical graduate program in any of these areas includes a group of courses taken in the Mechanical Engineering Department and other departments, and an extensive experimental and/or theoretical research.


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering


Program Importance

Mechanical Engineering discipline is considered one of the most needed disciplines in the work force. Mechanical Engineering involves many areas of specialization including power plants, declination plants, heavy industries, materials and mining, and aviation, all of which are considered essential disciplines in the Kingdom.

The department has accepted in the last three years a great number of graduate students for the master program both Saudi and international students. The Department has accepted more than 24 Saudi students and 76 international students. For that reason, establishing a PhD program has become very essential to satisfy the needs of many of those graduate students to continue pursuing their postgraduate studies.

King Saud University is very keen in serving society by having an effective contribution in the transformation to the knowledge-based society. Establishing a PhD program in Mechanical Engineering serves this direction as the program will produce researchers that are able to enroll and contribute in research and development fields.


Program Objectives

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in ME is designed to:

1. Provide students an opportunity to strengthen and extend the knowledge they have gained at the graduate level.

2. Provide an opportunity for the student to carry out original research in the field of mechanical engineering.

3. Prepare candidates in various fields to satisfy the requirements for the growth in the industrial and educational sectors.


Admission Requirements

The admission requirements enumerated in the 16th article of the unified law organizing graduate studies in Saudi universities are applied. In addition, the following additional conditions also apply:

1. Obtain M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering or related programs from a recognized institution of higher education.

2. Attain a minimum TOEFL score of 500 or equivalent score.

3. Attain a minimum of 4.00 out of 5 in the grade point average in the master program.

4. Attain a minimum GRE score of 600 in the Quantitative exam or equivalent.


Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. program follows the courses and thesis option. Degree requirements are:

1. Completing 30 credit hours of course work, consisting of core courses as well as elective courses, which are selected in coordination with the student advisor and with the approval of the coordinator of the graduate studies committee. These courses are distributed as follows:

     a. 4 Core Courses (12 credit hours) from the track to which the student is admitted (see below).

     b. 3 Compulsory Seminar Courses (3 credit hours)

     c. 5 Elective Courses (15 credit hours) from the 600 level of Mechanical Engineering courses listed below (subject to graduate studies committee approval).

2. Passing a comprehensive examination, consisting of two parts: a written and an oral. Each of these parts in turn covers two areas – the major field of specialty, and the minor ones. The comprehensive exam is designed to assess the student's capabilities in two major respects: a) grasp of the discipline, and b) cognitive skills. After completing the comprehensive exam successfully, the student becomes a PhD candidate.

3. Present the PhD proposal to the department. Once the PhD proposal is approved, the department selects the PhD student's advisor(s).

4. Satisfactory completion and successful defense of a Ph.D. thesis.


Full Time Registration Requirements

After completing the course work and the comprehensive exam, the Ph.D. student becomes a candidate and must register and work full time on his Ph.D. thesis research for at least one year before graduation.


Program Tracks:

The Doctor of Philosophy program is offered in two major tracks:

1. Solid Mechanics.

2. Thermofluid Systems.

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