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Lab Description:

The Electrical Power Simulator Laboratory consists of:

Electrical Power System Simulator

PTI Software

PC network

ETAP Software

PTI Software

PSCAD Software

The laboratory is well equipped to meet the requirements of undergraduate as well as graduate studies and research work. Practical demonstrations by lab experiments for power system generation, transmission and distribution concepts. Students are familiarized with the use of digital computer in the different aspects of power system analysis by using different software programs such as ETAP, PTI, and PSCAD.

Through the Electrical Power Simulator, lab experiments related to polyphase voltage regulation, characteristics of interconnected and isolated power system, load flow analysis, characteristics of overhead transmission lines and characteristics and coordination of power system relays etc can be performed.


Supervisor: Dr. Saad M. Alghuwainem

Lab Engineer: Eng. Mohammed Usman

Phone: +966 11 4676746