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Design Groups and Graduate Projects




Design Groups (Assigned to 7th level students)

 The current plan of EE program adopts an integrated approach in which the student is engaged in a team that works on a specific area in electrical engineering.  The areas represent modern application in the field of electrical engineering, and the team should work to provide solutions to these challenges associated with this application.  The experience attained by the student during his study prepares him to excel in working within professional engineering teams after graduation. 

The academic plan is prepared to be highly flexible with 38 elective credit hours to allow students to get full benefits of this this problem-solution-oriented education.  Various components of the academic plan are thus integrated to enhance student’s knowledge and skills to succeed in working within his design group, including:

  • Elective labs to be chosen by student.
  • Elective courses to be chosen by student.
  • Summer training.
  • Academic trips to industrial sites.
  • Graduation project.
  • Cooperation with industrial partners in the graduation project

Graduatation Projects (EE 496 and EE 497)

The student is eligible to register for Senior Design Project-1 if he completes successfully at least 129 credit hours of the plan, and completing all courses of the 7th level, and other earlier levels. Senior Design Projects (1 and 2) can be taken during the first and second semesters only (not during the summer semester).

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:42am