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Lab Description:

It is a newly established laboratory. It provides hand-on training to the undergraduate students in the design of VLSIs under the course EE 418. The state-of-the-art software packages available in the lab. are capable of designing Digital Circuits/systems with the complexity of more than 100,000 gates. The FPGA based circuits are implemented on Xilinx chips. Post-graduate research and development activities are also going on in the field of Hardware Realization of Algorithms/Circuits using EDA tools from Xilinx, Mentor Graphics, Innoveda, Tanner EDA, Synopsis and Model Technology etc. The main facilities available are:

- PCs

- Xilinx ISE 7.1 Suite of  Software

- EDA Tools from Innoveda

- FPGA Advantage from Mentor Graphics

- L-Edit Pro from Tanner EDA

- Model Sim from Model Technologies


Lab Location: GC 123, College of Engineering

Lab Engineer: Eng. Kamal Hussien

Phone: +966 11 4676776