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Lab Description:

Besides conducting regular laboratory classes for undergraduate students, the High Voltage laboratory at KSU is also extensively engaged in research and development works in the areas of breakdown phenomenon in insulating medias, withstand voltage in different types of air gaps, surface flashover studies on equipment and also electrical interference studies due to discharges from the equipment operating on high voltages. This lab also provides test facilities for testing various HV equipment as per various international standards to electric utilities and companies in the Kingdom as well as in the region.  The main Laboratory equipment consists of:

1. A.C. power frequency test equipment 200 kV

2. Impulse voltage generator 1000 kV, 40 kJ

3. D.C. supply 100 kV

4. Partial discharge detection system

5. Schering Bridge for measuring of capacitance and tan delta


Lab Location: 1C 139, College of Engineering

Lab Engineer: Eng. Nissar Rasool Wani & Mr. Mohammad A. Al-Hamidi

Phone: +966 (1) 46 76169, +966 (1) 46 76142