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Master of Science Program in Civil Engineering
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Courses Plan
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Courses Desc.
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Area of Specialization:

    1. Structural Engineering.

    2. Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering.

    3. Transportation Engineering.

    4. Environmental Engineering.

    5. Construction Engineering & Management.

    6. Geotechnical Engineering.

Admission For Master Program:

The applicant must have a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering (Applicants with B.Sc. in other fields of engineering may be accepted with some conditions) with an average grade of ‘very good’ (B). Applicants with (C) grade may also be accepted with some limitations and after due approval of the Department.

How to Apply?

Applicants must submit the following:

     1. Application form (obtained from Deanship of Graduate Studies).

     2. Certified transcript of academic record(s).

     3. Two letters of recommendation.

     4. A written permission from the applicant’s employer.

     To the dean of graduate studies.