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Tasks and Responsibilities

Academic Programs Committee
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  1. Review and investigate the modifications in department academic program plans.
  2. Review and investigate different proposals for admission policies to the department’s programs
  3. Discuss, investigate and approve the required modifications raised by the faculty members.
Annual Report Committee
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  1. To collect data on the academic activities of the faculty members, the activities of the department and the statistics of the students for the previous university year for use in the report forms presented by the quality unit in the faculty
  2. Compile a comprehensive annual report for the activities of the faculty members in the civil engineering department, taking into account the accuracy of the related information.
  3. Review the report before submission to the quality unit -college of Engineering.
Community Partnership Committee
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  1. Marketing the capabilities of the department’s faculty and facilities to the public and the private sectors
  2. Creating and updating a database for the capabilities of the faculty members in consultation and in training in addition to the capabilities of the department’s facilities and labs
  3. Seeking partnership agreements to enhance students training and to establish cooperation in the graduation projects
Community Service And Continuous Education Committee
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  1. Making the general public aware of the Civil Engineering Profession and its contribution to the infrastructure development and improvement of the physical life of the people.
  2. Holding seminars, workshops and social activities on the topics related to the well-being and improvement of the physical life of the people
  3. Strengthen the Department's relationship with the people by arranging lectures, seminars, and workshops.
  4. Urging Civil Engineering Department faculty members to deliver lectures, seminars, and workshops for educating people in the areas of their expertise.
Conveners Of Specialized Groups Committee
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  1. Coordinate the work between specialized groups
  2. Acting as a point of contact between specialized groups and the department
Development Of The Department Committee
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  1. Developing the strategic plan for the department aligned with college and University’s strategic plan.
  2. Supervising the implementation of the department’s strategic plan.
  3. Contacting and collaborating with government agencies and the privet sector to provide support for department’s research and Extracurricular activities.
  4. Nominate members for the department’s advisory council and organize their meetings.
  5. Enhancing the working environment in the department.
  6. Giving public lectures about the department activities and contributions.
Graduate Studies And Scientific Research Committee
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  1. Developing criteria for new applicants and maintaining regulations of the department for the selection process
  2. Receiving applicants' files from Deanship of Graduate Studies and distribute applicants to the appropriate specialized groups within the department
  3. Reviewing short-listed applicants to ensure the selection is in accordance to the admission requirements of the department and provide report to the chairman.
  4. Submitting finalized selected applicants to Deanship of Graduate Studies through their online system
  5. Providing orientation to new students
  6. Monitoring the academic situation and counselling to the students
  7. Monitoring thesis proposals and thesis defence
  8. Maintaining the record of students and analyzing the academic progress on the regular basis
  9. Establishing new non-thesis MSc program in the department
  10. Developing criteria for new applicants and maintaining regulations of the department for the selection process
  11. Following up with Accreditation committee for NCAAA process
Graduates & Tas Affairs Committee
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  1. ‎Investigate the department needs from teaching assistants, based on future ‎extrapolation needs, including the retirement of old faculty members.‎
  2. ‎Attract outstanding students who are about to graduate and to convince them to apply for ‎teaching assistance positions according to the needs of the department.‎
  3. ‎ ‎‎Select the teaching assistant applicants, interview them, and distribute them to the various ‎disciplines according to their needs.‎
  4. ‎ ‎‎Follow-up the affairs of teaching assistants and help them in gaining admission to prestigious ‎universities.‎
Graduation Projects Committee
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  1. Form student groups and distributing them among faculty members.
  2. Contacting lecturers from the Department and from outside and coordination of lectures for CE 498 students.
  3. Set the schedules for Capstone Design (Graduation) Project exams and final presentation.
  4. Set and prepare guidelines for Capstone Design (Graduation) Project proposals, reports, and presentations.
  5. Dealing with problems facing Capstone Design (Graduation) Project students.
  6. Preparing Capstone Design (Graduation) Project course files required by ABET and NCAAA.
  7. Continuous evaluation and development of matters related to Capstone Design (Graduation) Project.
Laboratory Procurement Committee
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  1. Study the needs of the department laboratories for the necessary equipment and materials.
  2. Preparation of specifications of equipment and laboratory units and studying the offers submitted to the laboratories by the different parties.
  3. Ensure that the specifications of the equipment to be supplied to the laboratories are met before the completion of the purchase.
  4. Ensure that there is periodic maintenance of the equipment, and replace the damaged especially by the end of each semester.
  5. Equipping the laboratories with the necessary furniture as well as the appropriate educational means.
  6. Periodic follow-up for the development of equipment and laboratories in the department.
  7. Study the needs of laboratories from engineers, technicians and assistants necessary to operate the labs.
  8. Follow up and review the rules of occupational safety for students and workers in laboratories.
  9. Studying the research needs of faculty staff and postgraduate students in the various engineering fields.
Operational Plans Committee
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  1. Developing operational plans‏ ‏‎ and performance indicators to implement objectives of the ‎department's programs.‎
  2. Assessing the Performance indicators during implementing the terms and stages of the ‎operational plans.‎
Public Relations Committee
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  1. Arranging some short meetings/lectures with large companies working in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Organizing a competition between the students in some areas like design and simulation which can be funded by companies
Quality And Academic Accreditation Committee
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  1. Implementing and follow-up the assessment and academic accreditation activities 
  2. Prepare the self-study report with its related documents and evidences.
  3. Prepare the surveys and its analysis
  4. Analyze the course reports and review the required improvement plans
  5. Prepare the annual program report and review the required improvement plans.
  6. Spread the quality awareness among the department faculty members, students and staff.
  7. Prepare periodic reports on different performance levels and constituents satisfactions.
  8. Prepare the department for auditing review, continuous assessment and improvement plans developments
  9. Implement the university system for quality management.
  10. Document information and data on quality activities and performance indicators of the department and prepare periodic quality reports.
  11. Supervise the implementation of the college strategic plan executive projects that are related to the department.
  12. Implement the requirements of ISO 9001, and conduct the necessary continuous auditing. 
Registration & Examination Committee
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  1. Preparing the Schedules of the courses of the Civil Engineering Department in terms of the number of sections in each course, the number of groups for each level and the names of faculty members and assistants.
  2. Registration of courses for students of the department at the beginning of each semester (deletion and addition) by checking the electronic applications in the system (SMR) and processed through the registration system (e-register).
  3. Prepare the Schedules of the final exams of the department including times and classrooms – avoiding any conflict in the students - and then the distribution of supervisors to the exam rooms.
Staff Promotion And Selection Committee
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  1. Review of faculty promotion file that is sent by the Chairman to ensure that all requirements are satisfied as per the university promotion regulations.
  2. Review all scientific works submitted for promotion to ensure that they satisfy the university regulations.
  3. Verify all submitted information for promotion.
  4. Provide the Chairman with a written report on the results of reviewing the faculty promotion file.
Statistics, Information And Alumni Committee
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  1. Documentation of graduates' data by the end of each semester and means of communication.
  2. Review and update graduates' databases by the end of each semester.
  3. Work on developing databases for graduates so as to facilitate easy communication with graduates and the department.
  4. Documentation of annual activities related to community service from public lectures and training courses.
  5. Provide the annual report committee with information on the activities and activities of the department.
  6. Providing data and studies related to graduates to improve the educational process.
  7. Assisting new graduates with technical advice at the beginning of their working life.
  8. Strengthen the trend towards the continuation of graduates with the department.
Students Guidance And Counseling Committee
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  1. Inform students about the University regulations pertaining to the academic issues.
  2. Follow up with students that score less than 40% in the first midterm exam, and students with low academic achievement that has a cumulative GPA average of less than 3, to know the cause of their inferior performance and suggest remedies and encourage the
  3. Meeting students who might be having social/financial/psychological problems that may affect their performance and help them to overcome these problems.
  4. Assisting students in selecting the CE specialty track.
  5. Rewarding and encouraging outstanding students.
  6. Identify students' views and suggestions and help them overcome obstacles and problems.
  7. Assisting students on how to write their CV by encouraging them to attend the short courses offered by Deanship of Skills Development.
  8. Inform and guide students about practical training and jobs opportunities.
Summer Training Committee
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  1. Preparation of the list of training parties (private & public sectors) and available slots based on their communication with the college vice dean for Academic affairs.
  2. Distribution of eligible department students among available summer training places.
  3. Review and audit report forms (weekly and final reports) after completion of the training period of 10 weeks.
  4. Send the names of students who have successfully completed their training requirements to the Chairman.
Website Of The Department Committee
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  1. Collecting all news related to the department activities from the chairman and his deputy as well as from faculty.
  2. Make all necessary arrangements to publish and announce the department news in the University magazine or in the department website or by sending emails.
  3. Update any announcements within the CE department and display them on the department display screens.
  4. Updating the site with current information and news.
  5. Announcing upcoming events of interest to the students and staff of the CED and to the community in general.
  6. To maintain a high level of quality in terms of accuracy of information and ease of obtaining required information.
Graduate Studies Accreditation Committee
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  1. The committee will be responsible to implement all needed actions to proceed the accreditation of graduate programs at the Civil Engineering Department
New Faculty Affairs Committee
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  1. Assigning the mentors to the new faculty members. Tracking system will be developed to ensure the mentoring is being conducted as required.
  2. Organizing workshops during each semester based on faculty needs to perform their quality assurance tasks in developing, assessing and improving their courses.
  3. Guiding new faculty to attend teaching and research related workshops offered by the university and outside the university.
  4. Developing ways to support faculty members who are not actively involved in research activities, and keep tracking the progress to ensure their involvement in research.
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