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Brief History

Brief History



The Civil Engineering Department is one of the earliest departments established in the Kingdom’s universities. The department was established in 1382H (1962). The department makes an indispensable contribution to the development and advancement of the Kingdom. Department graduates play a vital role in all development plans of the country. They are heavily involved in construction, transportation, water, environment protection, project management and soil treatment engineering projects. The department is continuously updating the curricula of undergraduate and graduate programs to keep pace with the national and international developments.


Civil engineering is one of the main pillars of the advancement of any country through establishing the infrastructure projects necessary to the welfare of human being. Since its establishment, the civil engineering department has effectively contributed to the rapid development of the Kingdom. The graduates hold key positions in all governmental and private sectors.


The department is fully equipped with high quality laboratories and workshops that cover all aspects of civil engineering. These laboratories and workshops are subjected to a continuous updating to keep pace with the latest technology requirements.


The diverse areas of specialty associated with civil engineering provide the graduates with very good job opportunities both in the governmental and in the private sectors all over the Kingdom.

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