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‎- List and describe various surveying engineering systems and techniques for collecting geospatial data. ‎‎[SEP Criteria]‎
‎- Recognize and outline contemporary issues. [ABET j]‎
‎- Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering in appraising SE concepts and solving SE ‎problems. [ABET a]‎
‎- Design and conduct experiments using modern SE technology and software skills as well as analyze ‎and interpret data. [ABET b]‎
‎- Design and plan SE projects to meet desired needs with constraints such as economic, environmental, ‎ethical and safety. [ABET c]‎
Identify, formulate and solve SE problems. [ABET e]‎
‎- Appraise and show professional ethical responsibilities. [ABET f]‎
‎- Demonstrate ability to work in teams  [ABET d]‎
‎- Show ability to engage in life-long learning. [ABET i]‎
‎- Gain broad education to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, and ‎social context for serving the society. [ABET h]‎
‎- Operate modern SE instruments, develop and use software in survey data collection, processing and ‎analysis. [ABET k]‎
‎- Illustrate professional ideas clearly by writing technical report and giving oral presentation. [ABET g]‎