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COE Strategic Plan Objectives

1.  Provide excellent academic PROGRAMS that best reflect the current needs and requirements of the profession.
2.  Recruit, nurture and retain outstanding STUDENTS.
3.  Recruit, nurture and retain outstanding FACULTY.
4.  Empower the College RESEARCH.
5.  Establish a strong OUTREACH and external business collaborations with industry, government and other entities in the society.
6.  Establish and maintain effective and efficient support services, FACILITIES, and infrastructure.


Development Projects and Achievements

The College extensively worked on attaining its excellence level through several initiatives and development projects within the framework of the College strategic second plan (2011-2016) to be a world class college and a pioneer in engineering education, innovative research and building knowledge community.  To achieve these objectives, the college utilized its member’s excellent group work ability and loyalty to improve the college’s academic and research outcomes.  The attached document contains achieved and ongoing development projects.