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Main Tasks of the Vice Deanship

   ● Spreading of quality concept and culture and supervising its application at the college level.

   ● Prepare the College strategic plan and follow up its execution projects.

   ● Plan the process of obtaining institutional and academic accreditations and maintain them.

   ● Supervise the awareness programs of the academic units on the requirements of institutional and academic accreditations.

   ● Follow up the process of assessment and continuous improvement of the College academic programs.

   ● Encourage the College staff to participate in the program activities of the deanship of skills development in the University.

   ● Setup and follow up the implementation of plans for internal training and development programs for College staff.

   ● Supervise the preparation of the College annual report and its distribution to the entities of interest, after its approval by the dean.

   ● Follow up the development of the college educational facilities.

   ● Supervise the development of the College website.

   ● Follow up the process of continuous evaluation, awards and incentives for distinguished performance in educational and research fields.

   ● Supervise and follow up the development of agreements and protocols for cultural cooperation with educational and research institutes.

   ● Follow up the development and the execution of common academic programs and twining with other universities.

   ● Supervise the setup of specialized engineering workshops for the private or public sectors.

   ● Encourage the establishment of distinguished scientific research chairs and centers.

   ● Execute other tasks assigned by the dean of the College.