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  • Knowledge and Comprehension:
  1. Apply advanced engineering knowledge and techniques to solve complex and real-life engineering problems.
  2. Conduct and design civil engineering related experiments according to established procedures, as well as analyze and evaluate the results.
  • Mental Skills:
  1. Recognize applicable and relevant research problems to construct and execute an appropriate plan towards solving them.
  2. Develop robust original research by adopting multidisciplinary approach and critical thinking towards solving and explaining complex civil engineering problems.
  • Professional and Practical Skills:
  1. Apply analytical expertise to identify, analyze, develop, and solve advanced Civil Engineering problems.
  2. Design advanced civil engineering systems subjected to realistic constraints and evaluate its performance and effectiveness.  
  3. Identify and use advance engineering techniques, modern tools and systems necessary for engineering practice.
  • General Skills:
  1. Scientifically write, criticize and discuss research reports/papers with high level of proficiency in verbal and graphical communications.
  2. Apply leadership principles to manage and function in multi-disciplinary teams.