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Computer Center

The College Computer Center was established in the academic year 1393/1394 AH, and this center has gradually developed since its inception to provide integrated computer services to students, faculty members and researchers in the college where the center:

  1. Operation and maintenance of the college’s mainframe laboratories, which consist of six computer labs connected to a network and are served by a number of main servers, in which computer applications of various specializations are taught.
  2. Supervising teaching and research laboratories in the various departments by providing the necessary support to operate these laboratories and providing them with the appropriate servers, in addition to connecting the departments' servers to the main servers of the college so that all faculty members in the college can benefit from the available resources in computer management.
  3. Purchase, install and maintain specialized applications that are difficult to run on PCs.
  4. Overseeing the operation of the Sun 3500 server, which contains specialized engineering applications.
  5. Technical supervision of the college’s computer network, determining future needs for its expansion, in addition to coordinating with the General Administration of Computer and Information Systems at the university in this regard. The administration has achieved a link between the college’s network of laboratories and the university’s main network, in order to take advantage of the university’s main servers, Internet services and e-mail.
  6. Preparing statistics on the number of college students, their majors, lists of graduates, and other similar services.
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