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Vice Dean for Development and Quality

Quality Policy

The College of Engineering works to provide advanced educational programs characterized by high quality. The College takes into account the future changes facing the engineers in order to form highly qualified graduates that are capable to compete locally and internationally.  The College also seeks to promote professional practice in various fields of engineering and satisfies the needs of the community through creativity, innovation and transfer of engineering knowledge to younger generations through education, scientific research and industrial partnership with institutions and government entities. In addition to that, the College provides studies and advisory technical and engineering services that satisfy and contribute to the community service and achieve sustainable development.  In order to achieve the goals of the college and make them a reality, the college seeks to raise the efficiency of its employees through continuous training and the integration of quality and continuous improvement in the educational process and research culture, and the development of systems that allow effective communication with alumni, and work to build a management team that ensure effective application of the quality management system according to the ISO 9001: 2008.  The College is also keen to administrative follow-up and periodic review of the quality objectives to ensure the continuity of the development of effective quality management system.

Agency units

laboratories and risk management unit