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 System Performance Indicators

Center’s Goals

Performance Indicator

Spreading the culture of creativity and innovation and developing the students’ skill inventory in the fields of programming, design, manufacturing and assembly of engineering components

The number of beneficiaries (among students) regarding lectures and training courses

Providing the students with the space needed to help them carry out extracurricular activities that are consonant with their scientific inquisitiveness

Capacity for projects

Allocated project budget (excluding equipment)

Center’s equipment estimated value

Developing value-added engineering models

Number of designs executed in the Center

Number of models developed in the Center

Number of participations in regional and international competitions

Number of awards accumulated by the Center’s teams

Strengthening the partnership between the College and all concerned parties (locally and globally)

Number of institutions and partnerships involved in the Center’s activities

Size of external funding

Encouraging collective and multi-disciplinary work

Number of joint projects

Number of multidisciplinary projects