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Student's incremental promotion inside the Center

The Center provides a variety of services for all students at several levels in which the student obtains certificates reflecting the knowledge and skills acquired and determining his eligibility for the subsequent phases and for access to the additional advanced services. The table below shows a summary of the promotional phases achieved by the student inside the Center.




• Introductory course on the ethics of engineering

• Introductory course on intellectual property rights

Test on intellectual property and the ethics of the profession

• Membership Card entitling the student to attend all training sessions in the Center


• Creative idea generation program

• Presentation of distinguished innovative project ideas


Arbitration of ideas

• Distinguished Idea Certificate for the winners

• Access Permit to research and design facilities in the center for the winners

• Engineering Design Basics Program

• Submitting the final draft designs to the Scientific Committee


Arbitration of draft designs

• Distinguished Design Certificate for the winners

• Implementation Budget

• Access Permit to laboratories as well as hardware and engineering components store

• Training on development equipment

• Development of the final draft model

• Testing and modification

Arbitration of final draft models

• Distinguished Innovation Shield for the winners

• Access Permit to the Entrepreneurship Program

• Intensive course in Entrepreneurship

• Preparation of feasibility, marketing, and financing study

Arbitration of pilot project

• Distinguished Pilot Project Shield for the winners

• Assistance in finding a funding or sponsoring party for the project

The arbitration of ideas and project proposals is carried out on periodical basis and in accordance with a unified model.