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Committee for Occupational Safety

Tasks of the College Committee for Occupational Safety

The following tasks of the committee for occupational safety have been approved at the committee second meeting held on Monday 3rd, 1435H:

  1. Follow up implementation of instructions and requirements of occupational safety in all college sites including laboratories.
  2. Follow up on provision of the means of fire protection and its efficiency and readiness.
  3. The periodical inspection of all college facilities to verify the implementation of safety requirements to ensure prevention of work accidents and occupational injuries.
  4. Evaluate the risk of work environment, and prepare and provide guidance instructions for means of safe work.
  5. Coordination to train employees on the use of fire prevention tools and evacuation procedures in case of emergency.
  6. Coordination to conduct mock evacuation plans in case of emergency.
  7. Prepare reports on various cases of accidents and undertake decisions to resolve causes.
  8. Study cases of safety violation and encroachment that have been submitted to the committee.

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