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Welcome to the College of Engineering at King Saud University, the first and oldest engineering college in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The College of Engineering is regarded as one of the region’s leading engineering colleges and has a heritage of more than 50 years of experience in teaching and research with graduates exceeding 7000 students.
Engineering education at the College provides students, whom are our most important product, with a rich and challenging curriculum designed to meet international standards; that have a strong engineering science component, availability of in-depth technical senior level courses, a well structured laboratory experience, and an adequate professional component.
Currently, the College of engineering is pursuing the creation a culture of continuous change and innovation, through many initiatives such as the introduction of the preparatory year program, research chairs and centers of excellence in response to a changing external environment.
You are invited to explore our website to learn and acquire more information about our academic programs, and know of the many activities here in the College of Engineering.

Dr. Ahmed M. AlNuaim

Vice Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs