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The  Annual Report provides detailed information on the achievements and activities of the College of Engineering during the academic year.  The report includes the following

  • College units, members of the College council and College advisory board.
  • Research institutes and chairs.
  • Departments and academic programs.
  • Statistical information about the College (Staff and Students)
  • Student activities.
  • Practical training for students.
  • Research activities and community services of faculty members.
  • Activities of the College.

COE Annual Report 1437/1438 H - 2016/2017 G

COE Annual Report 1436/1437 H - 2015/2016 G

COE Annual Report 1435/1436 H - 2014/2015 G

COE Annual Report 1434/1435 H - 2013/2014 G

COE Annual Report 1433/1434 H - 2012/2013 G