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Main Tasks of the Community Services & Continuous Education Unit

  • Coordination between the college departments in order to determine the:
  • Specialized engineering workshops that could be offered to engineers from public or private sectors.
  • Available technical and laboratory capabilities that could be utilized in offering studies, consultancies and services to the public and private sectors.
  • Programs, workshops and activities that could be offered to college staff and students.
  • Preparation of pamphlets that list technical, laboratory and workshops that could be offered to public and private sectors.
  • Coordination with high schools for the organization of introductory trips to the different College departments.
  • Study the feasibility of the execution of the required programs, workshops, and activities to College staff using the capabilities available to the College.
  • Determination, through questionnaires and field visits, of the needs of public and private sectors from workshops and services.
  • Preparation of periodic bulletin for College events, activities, and news under the name of "College of Engineering Community Newsletter".